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PropertyOfZack Interview : : The Ready Set


PropertyOfZack had a few minutes to catch up with Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set just a week or so ago at The Bamboozle Festival. Jordan and I discussed him playing every day of the three-day festival, reception to his recent releases, new EPs, new albums, and more. Read up and enjoy!

You’re at the second day of your three-day stint at The Bamboozle Festival. How was last night’s show and how excited are you for two more of them?
First day was amazing, crowd was sick. It was awesome seeing how much bigger it got from last year. Today I’m really excited that we play dead-last on a really small stage, so it’ll be a whole different vibe I think. And then tomorrow we open the other main stage, so we get a taste of every sort of end of the spectrum. 

Is there a reason you’re on the smaller stage tonight?
It was actually a scheduling thing. We were supposed to be on the main stage all three days, but we had to move the set time because we had a radio thing this morning in Pennsylvania. So we had to go there, come back, and they put on last on this smaller stage. It’s all good. 

Before this The Ready Set headlined the Glamour Kills Tour. Can you discuss how those shows went?
That was amazing. First time ever headlining anything, so to be able to play in all of those places headlining and see that it was going really well was amazing us. I was pretty nervous to actually do that, for a while, so it was just a great feeling to go and see that 90% of the shows sell out. It was neat. Definitely one of the best tours I’ve been in.

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Can’t wait for Warped now!

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